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"Can we consider that we have bound ourselves to a limiting enclosure without realizing it? From not believing something is possible for us, like perhaps vitality, inner calm, or being fully understood by another, to the belief in negative outcomes—chronically expecting life to be difficult or disappointing."


EMBODY WHAT YOU BELIEVESimply put; can you make space in yourself to allow what your heart and soul know to be true to inspire your daily life? As we grow and learn and change, do we remember or choose to allow our expansion to become the compass that guides our interactions with ourselves and others? We seem to live in world of norms, parameters, rules and guidelines. Much of it has been an innocent, unconscious passing down of programming and emotional “traditions”. Most of us with the inner impulse to become a truer version of ourself bump up against these unexamined ways or ideologies, feeling that some or a lot of it is not congruent with who we are—and so the quest begins. The hero’s journey. As we review human expression since the beginning of time, we see that we are not at all alone in our desire to push beyond existing boundaries, to go deeper into ourselves in order to connect with the whispers of our heart for a personal truth that provides  answers to endless questions we have about how to navigate this world and feel good about it. It is a path that is really uncomfortable at times. It requires a well of courage and tenacity to feel the pain and raw emotions of pushing out of our own skin, beyond what we were taught and told. On a very basic level the path of personal truth is not for the weak or the seeker of uninterrupted comfort. YOU are not weak or numb. It may be hard, but you know there is no turning back. You are committed.


Why do we do this? What is it for? For the same reason we have children. EVOLUTION. This means getting bigger. Getting better. Learning from our mistakes, or misconceptions in order to be more efficient, more skilled, wiser. We all have a sense of the slow, biological process that is evolution, but what does personal evolution mean? What is the impact of building upon our own ability for opening, softening and expanding, and creating an inviting, supportive inner environment that sustains the species (you!) to thrive. The implications are beyond what you can fathom. From the loftiest of perspectives, it is your purpose!


Too often we are out of touch with the fact that we do have authority over how we expand, how we shape our experience of the world. This authority once seized and embodied creates a strength that allows one to choose what is allowed in, and what motivates forward movement. It is a journey from swirling in the storm of life to solidly choosing which path, how fast, with whom and for what personally meaningful reason. A basic tenet of being human is the capacity for constant learning. Life presents us with relentless chances to evaluate and reevaluate our relationship to it. Our perception of this life is largely based on our beliefs. Honestly, most of those beliefs are subjective, but because we believe them, they feel like truth. Take a moment, step back and observe the malleable nature of belief. It is not to say that one is not completely  entitled to their beliefs—yet when we find ourselves stuck or feeling hemmed in, is it possible we’ve created unnecessary boundaries or rules simply due to unexamined beliefs? Can we consider that we have bound ourselves to a limiting enclosure without realizing it? From not believing something is possible for us, like perhaps vitality, inner calm, or being fully understood by another, to the belief in negative outcomes—chronically expecting life to be difficult or disappointing.


Examining our beliefs is required on the journey to fully living in personal truth. Our beliefs are the framework of our perception and the enduring experience of learning from life is a constant smoothing, sculpting and updating those beliefs. We are always taking in information. We feel everything and check for resonance. “No.” “Yes.” “Hmmm, I wonder if I can stretch my sense of self and notion of reality to include this new idea, because it actually feels like it may contain something valuable for me.” EVOLUTION. This is a deep and central concept for determining the quality of our life, both inner and outer.


If your belief system includes the existence of a bigger you, beyond the vehicle of your body—a soul, a higher self, or even a conscience, then you can imagine that every time you question yourself in service of that bigger, more loving experience of life you bring in more of this larger version of yourself. You make space by removing the limitations your earlier, unexamined beliefs created. You begin to merge and synthesize the knowing of the self that is beyond judgment and disharmony with the you on the ground, doing life. If you have a concept of that higher, less encumbered self, can you feel the difference between it and the overactive, “rational” mind that has difficulty or even defiance with the embodiment of self love and inner peace? Inside you is the desire to push beyond your current sense of self or your place in the world, or your family, or your inner pain, anxiety or doubt. Something spurs you on and won’t let you truly rest. Perhaps pushing beyond the boundaries is the act of bringing more of you onboard consciously. Maybe we’ve grown beyond what we believed was possible before, and our discomfort is just a sign to stretch, loosen, release and exhale in order to have room for that bigger, more brilliant version of ourselves and transcending the limitations of our sense of self is the first step in pushing beyond of limiting beliefs about life.


EMBODY WITH YOU BELIEVE means bringing into action what we know to be true in the grandest ways. It has to do with the discipline of not letting our fears steer us away from the optimism we carry about ourselves and this world. It is nothing less than having the courage to test our beliefs out. We already believe it, why not live it?