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ENOUGH IS A FEELING—This is a liberating concept. The idea that apart from any outer measurement of abundance, accumulation or social standing, enough is a state of being one can strive to feel. It can be true that amidst great riches and resources one can still feel empty and yearn for more. Even with more than enough of everything we can fear for our security and basic survival at times, totally disconnected from our innate trust in the providence of life and our ability to find our way toward fulfillment. In that case, it also must be possible to find the conditions of satisfaction and contentment within any physical reality we may encounter, and/or an intuitive knowing of how to get there. Every feeling we have is a personal message as to the congruency of what we are sensing and experiencing in relationship to our highest good and authenticity. Good feeling are green lights, a “yes, that fits”, while anything else tells us that an adjustment is desired on some level. This is a huge concept that can really challenge what we think we know. This is not to say that it is realistic or even a viable goal to only feel good-all of the time, yet when one works with this idea and starts feeling even the small, but consistent benefit of taking seriously the truth of what our own body is conveying to us through its reactions to life by way of how it feels, we can begin to consider that how we feel may be an excellent reason to question what is really going on for us in accordance to our personal truth.


How we feel matters. We can look in the mirror and see a ‘self ’ looking back at us. The tangible evidence of our existence, but when you walk away from that reflection you must rely on a different sense of yourself. You walk blindly in a sense, a bubble of you, driving along bumping in to the world-having a million-and-one reactions to what you experience through your senses and auxiliary channels of knowing. The truth is that there is a part of you that is vast and connected to the vastness of others, and of places and also your own past, present and future in a way that may be inconceivable to you in a normal, daily life way of functioning, yet that is exactly what the sensations and feelings that light up all day, every day are showing you. From. ‘that guy seems creepy...’ to, ‘I should lay off the dairy...’ the information constantly coming to you is custom to your individual story.


Here’s the challenge to this seemingly simple concept; slowing down the endless chatter of our opinionated, often doubtful and scared, controlling mind so that we can actually feel ourselves enough to even hear the messages we are receiving. Perhaps you already know this, or maybe not, but this practice is at the core of real self-care for healing and forward movement. There is truly a new way of being in life that is based on an inner knowing of your worthiness, loveliness and total empowerment, and it starts with learning how to hear yourself. Not in a brow-beating, never satisfied, always running in front of the eight ball-kind of way, but in a big exhalation, ‘it’s all going to be okay....I deserve to feel calm and satisfied’—kind of way. Because your situation and history are unique to you, you will have to teach yourself how to get there, and you start by having the courage to turn down the volume on the crazy, never-gonna-get-outta-this-voice, in order to begin listening to the quiet, solid, inner wisdom that can only be heard once you decide there might be something of value there worth tuning into in the first place. You can do this! You can put your own truth and knowing in place as the standard by which you make decisions, and choose how to spend your time, and decide who is worth your attention. How it feels to you is the indisputable system for finding your way.


If we consider there is truth in this idea, then what is the message in the feelings of emptiness, dissatisfaction or impatience? What is asking to be considered? Can you notice what longing feels like on a physical level? Can you be curious about this process, and relax enough to be present with yourself in the face of what you are feeling? It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves, to be punishing and withholding, repeating the same old story over and over again. Is it possible to discipline yourself, even briefly to submit to the larger, more loving part of yourself that waits silently to be invited to speak? It is a cultural myth to be at the mercy of outside forces, to be a victim, to never be good enough—but what you’ll find by committing to yourself, to the self that carries your heart and soul through the world is that it is all you’ve got. It’s everything you’ve got! You are YOU for a reason. The experiences you have, both positive and negative are tailored to give you opportunities all the time to turn to yourself with love, respect and authority, and this is true for everybody. We care about others, we worry about them, we love them so deeply—but imagine if we could trust them to be strong too. If in our compassion there could be

in equal measure, a deep knowing that they(even small children) could also cultivate the skills of inner listening and trusting, and acting from an inner authority to know what is best for them. Again, it takes courage to change the old habit of turning away from ourselves in favor of the needs (from OUR perspective), opinions, and desires of others. It’s a profound shift to put yourself first. It will ripple out for sure. It may take you somewhere you weren’t expecting to go. It may require practice and releasing and being honest with yourself—there is a warrior quality to caring that much for your own well-being. You will still compromise sometimes - bending towards the ones you love, you will still be irritated and hurt at times, and you will still struggle sometimes to understand what is being asked of you, but you will have a new awareness that this all matters, simply because it is here, and you are feeling it and reacting to it. Once you can listen to your truth, you can begin to speak your truth, and once you begin speaking your truth, you begin to become whole. A whole person, all the time. What do deprive yourself of if that is not the goal? How can we expect to find peace and happiness if we don’t take the time to understand the whispers of our heart? It is in the loving attention to our own story and process that the burdens are released or transformed by understanding and care, and in the space created by this alchemy, the full strength version of you can exist. Here is where you can experience things making sense and flowing because more of you has been invited to to be present to the unfolding of your life. This is how you start becoming full. This is how you fill the void inside. When your inner space is filled with you, you learn that you have an inexhaustible resource, an infinite well of YOU—and that certainly feels like E N O U G H .

"Once you can listen to your truth, you can begin to speak your truth, and once you begin speaking your truth, you begin to become whole. A whole person, all the time. What do deprive yourself of if that is not the goal?"