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YOU ARE LOVE—The beginning, the end, and everything in between. There is busyness, and opinions, and stories incessantly clouding the sublime, pure truth of this. As we strive to feel better when we don’t, no matter what the details are, we are striving to reunite with the love that resides within us. It IS us. Is it possible to deeply inquire the potential of this being true? Can you release any contrary narrative for a moment in order to make space, even briefly—to feel the love within you? To connect with the pure, pulsing, all-accepting love that is present and permeating every living thing?


The world has created a million variations of this word LOVE. Like everything else, a search for truth within such an immense scope of definition can feel impossible. Therefore, it is important to begin to become comfortable relying on your own inner definitions of truth to guide and teach you. Because we ARE love, it is our own. Below the endless parade of thoughts and contradictions is a sense of loving stillness that is constant. It exists below the chatter of the personality. At first it may show up as just glimmer, but distinctly different from the usual stream of thoughts. The feeling is one of encompassing acceptance and a “listening” in a way that is warm and empty, allowing all that is real to be seen and felt honestly. It is this experience of your own ability to create loving, open space inside that allows healing and expansion to happen, because to learn that you can provide this kind of support for your own feelings of difficulty or unresolved opinions of your past, is what is necessary for developing empowerment, trust in yourself and faith in the process of life’s unfolding. Without a conscious connection to this central, most precious gift you are left with the feeling (not the truth, but a FEELING) of vulnerability, lack of self-worth, maybe even a disconnect to life. And while these feelings are “real” at the time, we can begin to activate our innate capacity for love and a concerned care for ourselves in order to evolve and expand our experience of life and ourself.


Here it is! An invaluable truth and an answer to some of the deep questions about life’s meaning we collectively share. The truth is that the universal depth and perfection of this concept is present within every layer of experience and consciousness. The lack of this knowing is in every problem, and the practice of this beautiful, show-stopping, divine truth is within every solution. This means that we work to remember to come back to the simplicity and availability of this truth always so that we may reconnect with our intrinsic ability to become whole. That’s what this means. To be whole is to perfect the ability to bring healing, be it physical, emotional,  or spiritual, to ourselves by joining the love part to the fearful part. It is the poetry of being human and allows us to need less from the outside world in the way of validation and security and become solid in our ability to nurture ourselves without doubt, because feeling good becomes our priority. From that place of self-love we greet our world from a deep, profound level of trueness. We can be courageous, where previously we have held back. We can now do that because we stand on a foundation of inner strength that allows us to be defenseless and completely open inside, because now we know that we can CHOOSE to be okay, because when we are not okay, we have the skills to become okay through our own loving self regard and connection to a well of patience and unconditional attention to the truth of our experience as felt from the inside. From this powerful place, nothing needs to be denied or avoided. No one needs to be convinced or included—you do it for yourself. That’s the beauty of it. Only YOU really know the true effect that life has had on you. Only YOU can feel and understand the full implications of your experiences-and you shouldn’t have to defend that or repress how you really feel. Turning inward is a supremely private act. Within you is a beautiful universe of personal information that is infinite. To decide to draw upon that personal realm for tailor-made answers, updated correct data, custom therapy, and a larger perspective than your rational mind is capable of “figuring out” is a very powerful, self-validating act. Perhaps truly embracing the fact that you are love  at your core, as your essence, is the inspiration you need to begin relying on yourself for that support you crave. What are the implications for your waking life if you are fully capable of caring for all the aspects of yourself? Can you envision yourself connected to this inner love? Can you imagine interacting with others from this place?


Life is full....of everything.  Life can be nuts. It can be overwhelming and mysterious. But each of us is wired for love. We are ALL capable of remedying our personal ills, and perhaps those very ills are the harbingers of this fact. Maybe life’s obstacles—however severe are simply opportunities to learn about and experience our immense powers and intuition for personal transformation—to build a bridge between love, and its absence, fear, within ourselves, for ourselves, because if WE ARE LOVE, isn’t it worth exploring what keeps us from feeling it? Intellectually understanding the concept begins the process. Understanding that this is true therapy, not just esoteric expounding is the motivation, and practicing to live it is the choice. A choice between total empowerment or the continual potential for being, at the very least disappointed and at times, totally devastated by being at the whim of outside forces. The outside world is indeed beyond your control and full of surprises—but your response to it is not. Releasing that which does not serve you in order to  make more room to experience more of the true you-the you that is unfiltered, unconditional, fully understanding love. All roads will eventually lead you to this truth, for it is essential to all of life. And the very nature of this love is patience and acceptance. It will wait for you forever—loving you the whole time—no matter what.

"The truth is that the universal depth and perfection of this concept is present within every layer of experience and consciousness. The lack of this knowing is in every problem, and the practice of this beautiful,

show-stopping, divine truth is within

every solution."