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THIS TEACHING GETS TO THE HEART OF IT. It instantly shows where the fear, rigidness, and judgment resides within. Whatever feels unlovable about who we are, how we look, or what we do—is where the love is needed most. Whatever feels unlovable out there in the chaotic, messy, contradictory world is where we must work at understanding. One isn’t required to cozy up to everything. Ubiquitous approval isn’t necessary or even helpful, either. But understanding from the broad perspective of compassion allows for an open-heartedness that can acknowledge the many rungs on the ladder. Open-heartedness can hold the missteps of others neutrally, knowing that learning, expanding and evolving comes about in as many ways as there are individuals. Here is a secret: The quality of love you have for yourself is exactly commensurate to the love you are capable of giving others. It’s a magic formula. The elegance of that design lies in the fact that you are always with you. You have control there. You have all the information and back story. When it comes to others, well, it’s impossible to completely understand all the nuances of behaviors and motivation. It’s actually not our job anyway, and when we turn away from the details of others’ lives back toward ourselves and work to cultivate qualities such as, inner strength and discernment, compassion and generosity for ourselves, we begin to notice those are precisely the qualities we now see and experience in others.


LOVING IT ALL sits squarely at the juncture of divine wisdom and choice. What do we believe about the natural unfolding of life? Do we have a sense of flow and positivity as the structure of the natural world, which we are a part of and beholden to? Even when we are down-hearted about the struggles humans face, what is embedded in the light that gets in through the cracks of oppression and negativity? It is our own triumphs, big and small that gives us the wisdom of what’s possible. Like seeds, the wisdom grows and we get stronger, wiser, more able to hold that light in the face of the strife of others,  as a beacon. We share what we know. We aim to inspire a sense of emotional responsibility in others so that they might not resist the growing pains so vehemently. Doing the work that allows us to live in a new way is no small task. It is making room inside through releasing that which no longer serves us that allows the divine wisdom of our soul to drop down into our physical world so that we may live from there. The choice part is the inner discipline of owning this process when we remember to. To honor this conscious evolution demanding ourselves to take to higher road sometimes, or be gentle with our tender hearts sometimes. When we choose to love it all it means we acknowledge that we don’t have control, and we don’t even need it because we are capable of handling (even loving,) what comes. Loving it all says: ‘I understand that the pain and suffering of humans is a call to release beliefs that are incongruent to worthiness, compassion for self and others, and the universal, unconditional love that everyone is entitled to.’  The world is rife with inequity and human dissonance, yet we as individuals, at our core, are equal to all. EQUAL TO ALL. This means that the quality of your contribution to the whole is as weighty as anyone else’s. On an inner level, a universal level, we each work with the raw stuff of our energy, infuse it with our intentions formulated by our intellect and emotions. With that we tell our energy where to go, what to become. Guiding that process is our gift. By choosing to bring love and understanding to the workbench we add a higher quotient of it to everything we create, everything we say, and to the signature of energy that touches everything we come in contact with. This is real. More real than we you perceive with your senses and when taken seriously can have huge, positive impact.


You can love it all because you’ve seen enough, been through enough to know that disappointments and loss quite often make room for something better, more life-giving. Even in our sorrow and grief is the potential for deeper connection to ourself and the truth of our unhealed fears, and an expansion of our heart’s capacity to relate to the sorrows of others. You can love that. In loving something you give it permission to unfold naturally, as it needs to. It’s open, not clinging or demanding. Can you for a moment imagine something you don’t approve of, or something you simply don’t like in yourself or another, and instead of becoming rigid in your judgment or defensiveness remain soft and open? You are not looking to create a false approval or a dishonoring of your opinion and perspectives, but notice the difference within yourself. This is what it means. Simply loosening the grip that NOT loving has.


In the face of so much tension, so many questions, both personal and global, isn’t it time to bring something constructive to the table? Something big enough to hold it all—that allows for all the learning, all the awakening, all the releasing. You are responsible for you. You are responsible to add that which you deem valuable to the whole. In it’s most basic and profound expression, that is what you carry in your heart, and how big you allow it to grow is a choice. If we don’t begin to commit to a new definition of love that includes all that is true about ourselves, in order to have more care and tolerance for the truth of others, how can we ever expect to increase the love in our lives, much less create a more loving world?


"If we don’t begin to commit to a new definition of love that includes all that is true about ourselves, in order to have more care and tolerance for the truth of others, how can we ever expect to increase the love in our lives, much less create a more loving world?"